Saturday, January 06, 2007

O, Dem Golden Flip-Flops

So it's 6 January in the River City. Time: 7am. Temperature: 66 degrees. (For our Centigradean friends, that's 19.)

...this is supposed to be winter, right? Not that anyone's complaining, of course.

It used to be the case that New Year's Day -- or whenever the Mummers actually were able to step off -- would invariably end up being the most frigid day of the calendar. So it seems that all those years spent running up the street in 10-degree cold have earned quite the welcome comeuppance, with a near-record high of 70 forecast.

We may be six days into 2007, but it's only with today's strut that the year can actually begin.

The parade is on in an hour. And now, off to Broad Street.