Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It Just Gets Worse

Fr Rodis' alleged take now estimated at "more than $1 million," Virginia police say.
The Catholic Diocese of Richmond has previously said Rodis took more than $600,000 from the parishes since 2001.

Virginia State Police Sgt. Kevin Barrick said yesterday that investigators are still hearing from parishioners whose donations can't be accounted for yet.

Federal law allows banks to destroy some records after six years, he said, so investigators are looking at parishioners' canceled checks to determine more accurately how much is missing.

Court records show that police last month seized from Rodis' home in neighboring Spotsylvania County bank records and other items, including a receipt for Lucky Money dated May 24, 2006, which is around the time he was retiring. It is the only receipt itemized on the search-warrant document.

Lucky Money Inc. is a service for wiring money to the Philippines, Rodis' home country.
Oh, and the woman he denied was his wife...
He and Joyce F. Sillador-Rodis, who are listed as husband and wife on a deed of trust, repeatedly refinanced the mortgage on the Spotsylvania house they share and were released from $76,000 in mortgage debt on May 26, 2006, according to records in Spotsylvania Circuit Court.