Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Installations All Around

So St Michael's cathedra cushions magically turned back to green yesterday, and the new archbishop's homily (html; mp3) yesterday was worthy, as one cleric said, of a "Father of the Church." The full-length video'll be up at some point, but in advance of the festivities Salt + Light produced a half-hour doc on Thomas Collins' last days in Edmonton. Here's that in full, it's a real treat to watch.

Oh, and the Redemptorists want you to know that there's another new archbishop north of the 49th -- one of their own, Gerald Pettipas, who was ordained head of the Alberta metropolia of Grouard-McLennan last week. Full coverage from the WCR.

It was also installation day in Monterey as Bishop Richard Garcia said his first Mass before a convention-center crowd of 1,700. Word is that the papal nuncio Archbishop Sambi won a new crop of fans with his post-Communion talk, much as the prelate seemingly known to one and all simply as "Luigi" did here in Toronto whilst implementing his 42nd Canadian appointment.

In Youngstown, it was announced that Bishop Murry will mark his mainland homecoming on March 28. (Another local story here.) He's more than ready and said to be quite excited.

And don't be surprised if Bernstein's "Simple Song" returns for an encore performance at the liturgy.

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