Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Wellsprings of Grace

So, as you've seen, posting's been light the past few days. Again. Only this time -- and I've been loath to admit it -- I'm on retreat.

Sure, it's a pre-Christmas tradition that comes in handy amidst all the chaos of the season. But more than that, it's a spiritual recharge that I've been needing for quite a bit; i.e. you can only hit the wall so many times.

A good priest was wise enough to remind me over breakfast a couple months back that to do this work right means to be continuously topped-off, not just in terms of information, but in prayer, nourishment, reflection and communion (in the many senses of the word). I've ignored his priceless advice far too often, and it's what I've been catching up on as best I know how: long walks, hanging back, people-watching, shutterbugging, and actually enjoying the company of friends as opposed to being trapped behind the reredos of the laptop.

Hopefully you all get something like this every once in awhile. It's not just a necessary something in the journey, but a good one, a renewal of peace and strength to continue along the way.

Back in a bit. Keep the prayers comin', please, and know you're always in mine. God love you all.