Sunday, December 03, 2006

Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Milingo's Advent Message

Hopefully this isn't news to anybody but, looking around, it seems that no one's happy about anything right now, and the premium for joyful anticipation's continues being overrun by the drive for instant gratification... i.e. same old-same old.

On this first day of the shortest possible Advent cycle, church, we've got this season's work cut out for us.

As Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo prepares to ordain three married men to the priesthood next weekend in Jersey, the married/excommunicated Zambian cleric's new self-established prelature, Married Priests Now! has released the following statement in light of events of recent days:
Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo today protested the Vatican's racial discrimination and unfair treatment because the Chinese Patriotic bishops and the National Polish Catholic bishops, who were consecrated in separate ceremonies on November 30, were not excommunicated for ordaining bishops without a papal mandate.

"The Vatican excommunicated me on September 26, two days after I consecrated four married men as bishops, because I am from the poor country [sic] of Africa" Milingo said.

"But this year China consecrates its third bishop without a mandate and receives no excommunication. And the Polish National Catholic Church ordained four married bishops and received no excommunication. This is unfair treatment and is racially motivated. The Vatican discriminates racially and economically," protested Archbishop Milingo.