Sunday, December 03, 2006

Return of the Küng

Accepting a peace prize in Cologne, B16's onetime mentor -- and, more recently, dinner partner -- went on a tear:
Controversial Swiss Catholic theologian Hans Küng has launched a broadside against the US government, saying it has lost its moral credibility.

Küng made his comments after receiving the Lev-Kopelev peace prize... for his work promoting better relations between religions....

Küng, who lives in Cologne, spoke his mind as usual at the ceremony. He took the opportunity to criticise President Bush, calling his administration's policies "inconsiderate, neo-imperialistic, in search of power and prestige."

He said that Bush liked to present himself as a Christian, but that the truth was that the American leader's attempts to grab more power showed contempt for one's fellow men.

Küng added that aggressive war tactics, mishandling of prisoners of war and civilians and contravening human rights were all part of this. For the theologian, the United States has lost all moral credibility even among its friends and allies.