Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In Yet Another Harbinger of the Apocalypse...

...a chapel in the local exurbs is asking for watchful eyes after its tabernacle was stolen, hosts inside:
It happened at the chapel at Saint Casimir Roman Catholic Church in Shenandoah. It is next door to the Father [Walter] Ciscek Center, named for the man parishioners hope will be named a saint.

"This is the lowest criminal in the world. He's lower than a rapist or child molester and when he gets to jail I hope they treat him that way," said Geronimo Rafter of Shenandoah....

Police do have a suspect. They are asking for help in tracking him down. If you know anything about the theft they'd like to hear from you.

Rafter has a message for the thief. "It was an honor to come in here and pray and I hope the police get to you before I do. Bring it back real quick and pray for God's mercy."
What's the world coming to, eh?