Saturday, October 07, 2006

Virgins: Real, Portrayed and Otherwise

God only knows where the Associated Press has been, but the headline on today's religion story of the day really shouldn't seem as shocking as it's been presented... at least, not if you've been paying attention. Remember, it's a national religion story on an element of church life which has been pretty widely covered elsewhere for quite some time.

Oh well; God love all our CVs -- they're absolutely tremendous. And all congrats to the newest of their number.

In a somewhat-related-but-not-really development on this feast of Our Lady of Lepanto, Keisha Castle-Hughes -- who indie-flick fans'll remember from Whale Rider, which earned her an Oscar nod -- has announced that she's pregnant.

The hook? The 16 year-old New Zealander just wrapped playing the Virgin of Virgins in Hollywood's rendition of The Nativity Story, due 1 December.

Oh, the irony....