Sunday, October 08, 2006

Caritas, Iggles-Style

Sunday may be the summit of Christian love and fellowship but, by that standard, the City of Brotherly Love is not feeling so Christ-like today.

In half-an-hour, the long-awaited match-up between the hometown Eagles (pronounced "Iggles" in the local dialect) and the Dallas Cowboys begins. As the game marks the return of Public Enemy #1 -- former Eagle, now Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens, aka T.O., aka Judas -- the fans (used to being rambunctious on a good day) are primed to seek blood.

Security's been beefed up, scalped tickets have been running in excess of $1,500, and even Al Jazeera will be covering the game from the press box.

The tailgaters who usually check in at 9am were revved up in the Lincoln Financial Field parking lots before the break of dawn, so it's time to tune in and hope that a riot doesn't break out.

Off to an Owens effigy-burning; see you in the post-game.