Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Well, It's Up... Sorta

The original programming might be delayed a bit, and its new homepage may have a huge "Coming Soon" banner stretched across it, but the requisite dial change has taken place and Channel 159 on my Sirius does indeed say "The Catholic Channel."

And guess what? Not that it's the optimal scenario or anything, but the wait's suddenly being made a bit more than palatable. Until the launch, it seems the programmers have culled the library for the great liturgical pieces of the classical canon.... A Haydn Mass, now the uncut Verdi Requiem, and not an interrupting announcer nor commercial to be found. If they went through everything once, it's six months worth of material, easy.

Here's hoping everything's not going to be held up that long, but still.

Though forged by necessity, the concept at play isn't a bad one: exhibiting the best of the past as prelude, the solid foundation of the same culture soon to manifest itself on the same air in a decidedly modern way. Kudos on the audible, whoever called it.

As if you didn't want to before, or were looking to wait, you might just want to get a Sirius to hear this musical run-up and get even more pumped. Between Howard, the music, news, traffic and weather, and now this, I've found that I can't live without it. And once Lino & Co. get up and running, it'll be better yet.