Thursday, August 24, 2006

When the Angels Sing

One of my reporting heroes, the superlative John Baer of the Philadelphia Daily News, has used that title since time immemorial to head up the columns he devotes to reader feedback. (By the by, those watching the Casey-Santorum cage match from afar might want to keep an eye on Baer as campaign season heats up; he's the best-connected, savviest political columnist in this fair Commonwealth of ours.)

However, if you told me 19 months ago that I'd be having my own singing angels in short order, I would've asked what you were on... and if I could sample it.

Bill McGarvey, my fellow Philly native/rockstar/editor of Busted Halo and your scribe have pooled some of the feedback we received from my column on women's ordination some weeks back. The responses truly ran the gamut, but each was, in its own way, wonderful (even the vitriolic ones), so to everyone who wrote in, again, all thanks -- with a special mention of the guy who said I should get a raise.... Everyone else, click over and enjoy the show. And, of course, keep it comin'.