Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Milingo Madness

Anyone who knows Vatican life knows that, in recent years, summer has been Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo's time to shine. The controversial Zambian prelate known for his charismatic healing ministry began this year's Roman respite with a bang and is now showing further signs of not letting up -- i.e. a possible venture with Dan Brown, which the Holy See's gotten wind of and is warning of "serious consequences."
[Milingo] is reported to have agreed to work with Dan Brown on the project [a novel about exorcisms]. The agreement was said to have been reached at a meeting in Houston, Texas, attended by representatives of Dan Brown, Sony Pictures, Random House publishing company and Target, an American company which intends to finance the film.

Participants talked about organising a meeting between Archbishop Milingo and Dan Brown at Gatwick in late September or early October, according to the Italian daily, Il Giornale.

In addition his work with Brown on the new novel, Milingo is also reported to have reached an agreement to collaborate with Sony Pictures in the production of a film based on Brown’s earlier novel Angels and Demons. It seems though that the Zambian has not yet decided whether he will collaborate under his own name or as a behind-the-scenes advisor.
Oy vey.