Monday, August 07, 2006

Live From Albano

So, as you've probably heard by now, Benedict XVI has gone headlong into the world of TV interviews, hosting four pressmen -- three Germans and one from the German programme of Vatican Radio -- for an hourlong chat over the weekend at Castel Gandolfo.

Next up: the return of the long magazine interviews Cardinal Ratzinger enjoyed stirring the pot with.

The taped session -- intended to plug the Pope's 9-14 September trip to his Bavarian homeland -- will run around the world next Sunday.

Some snips, however, have already been released on the situation in the Middle East:
"There are moral forces which are ready to make it understood that the only solution is that we must live together... "These are the forces we want to mobilize. Politicians must find the way in order that this can happen as rapidly as possible and especially in a sustainable way."

"Naturally the Holy See seeks no political power. But we want to address ourselves to Christians and everyone who feels in some way called on by words of the Holy See, in order that all the forces which recognize that the war is the worst solution for all are mobilized."
An Italian wire report indicated that the Pope also said that war "resolves nothing -- it is the worst solution, one which brings no good for anyone, neither for the apparent victors."

Papa Ratzi also took questions on his job, the state of the church, and the role of women in it.

AFP/HO/Arturo Mari