Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"If You Wish To Be Brothers...."

Benedict XVI's General Audience catechesis today dwelt on the Apostle of Love, St John. And a group of Chinese dancers got the rare papal photo-op.

The theme of love carried over into yet another papal appeal for the Middle East. Here's my translation of it:
Dear brothers and sisters, my heartfelt thoughts go again to the beloved region of the Middle East. In response to the tragic conflict, I repropose the words of Pope Paul VI to the UN, in October 1965. On that occasion he said: "No more one against another, no more, never again!... If you wish to be brothers, let fall the arms from your hands." In the face of the forces at work to finally attain the ceasefire and toward a just and lasting solution I repeat, with my immediate Predecessor, the great Pope John Paul II, that it is possible to walk the path of events along which prevail reason, goodwill, trust in the other, the accomplishment of proposed goals, and cooperation among responsible partners (Diplomatic Address, 2003). So said John Paul II and how much worth it has also for today, for all. To all I renew the exhortation to intensify our prayer to obtain the desired gift of peace.
Speaking of Wojtyla, the faithful have flocked to a statue of the late Pope in his birthplace of Wadowice, convinced that a spring at its base has healing powers.

Reuters/Tony Gentile