Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wild On, Les Combes Edition

No sash, no cape, still Fluffy...

...and check out the Papal Sneakers.

You've got to feel a bit of pity for the man, though. Never again -- even on what's supposed to be his vacation -- will he be able to exit a visible door in anything but that cassock, chain around his neck, a zucchetto on his head.

The cross of that is much heavier than the little piece of gold you see.

Of course, if he so chose, Papa Ratzi could break precedent -- but as it would lead to howls of "scandal," rigid ones jumping out of windows and encite the especially far-gone to think that the "Accepto" means nothing and without the white he's not the Pope, the reaction might be a bit much to deal with... however amusing it would be to watch.

As you all know, St Peter never went without the best Gammarelli.

Pity the poor Pope. Others can wear street gear, but the eternal rig proves yet again that his is the world's great gilded cage.

Can't help but love this shot, though.

No, they're not stuffed.

PHOTO 1: AP/Antonio Calanni
PHOTO 2: Reuters/L'Osservatore