Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shore Digest

Greetings from Maison Saint-Blaise.

Still at the beach, but yet again relocated.... You'll be happy to know that the poached WiFi is a lot better at this spot.

Need I confess for stolen internet connections? If so, dear priests, may I be absolved?

It's usually the case that you don't realize what you have 'til it's gone. But I've always loved these little islands at the edge of the Garden State. I spent my childhood summers a couple blocks away from where I'm sitting right now, and I can safely say that the only big thing I'll ever want in life is to have a little pad somewhere down this shoreline, a place where my friends and family have an open door, the sea breeze tempers the summers, the moisture tempers the winters, and Philly and New York aren't all that far away.

Deus providebit, they say. In a word, it's simply Paradise. And I realized that I'm still in my little corner of the world while pulling into Wawa earlier tonight and hearing someone scream "PALMO!" from across the parking lot.

To get that kind of greeting without a follow-up as to who'd be their next bishop was terribly refreshing. Not to say that I don't love you all with every fiber of my being -- which I do, of course -- but it's good to be reminded that there is a world elsewhere. And, for me at least, it's here.

For those of us in the global north, I really hope you're all getting away a bit and doing what you love in your downtime... be it bass-fishing, kite-flying, board-walking, sitting on a breezy dock, watching bears run, spending time with the friends and family you rarely get to see, whatever it may be. Moments like this allow a connection we don't often get in our daily lives -- with ourselves, with the people and things our work too often keeps us from, and with God. If anything, that recharge only helps what we do the rest of the time and makes it better.

Get ready, Loggiaheads... here comes a million.