Monday, July 31, 2006

Quote of the Day

The stars of today's circus held a press conference last night, yielding this precious nugget:
Roman Catholic Womenpriests wants the church to be "non-hierarchical, non-clerical and inclusive," said Patricia Friesen, considered a bishop in the group.
OK, so if this is to be taken at face value, they want the church to be "non-clerical" whilst, um, being clerical -- or, at least, desiring to be clerical.

They're joking, right?

Bottom line: It's days like this which are merely the symptoms of a cause. For all the talk and finesse, this whole fiasco just proves yet again that the bad fruits of clericalism and the perception of priesthood not as a means of selfless service, but the vehicle of power, prestige and social advancement remain alive, well and in our midst. (As if we didn't know this already, but still....)

For all the sadness and difficulty of this day, that's one thing you can't blame on the boating party.