Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Milingo Missing. Again.

One of the great Vatican side-stories of recent decades flares back to life on this 4th of July:
ROMAN Catholic Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo has disappeared from his Zagarolo residence outside Rome in bizarre circumstances.

And Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) communications secretary Fr Paul Samasumo said the church in Zambia was following the development through the Italian press.

According to a number of Italian online publications, the Archbishop who raised controversy after his wedding to a member of the Moon Sect in 2001 has not been seen at his residence for the last 11 days.

The Italian publications that include the Il Messagero, Torino Cronaca and TGCOM Cronaca reported that the 76- year-old Archbishop walked away without informing the responsible authority, Cardinal Giovanni Batista [Re]. The Zambia-born Archbishop Milingo, according to sources in the Catholic Church, was allowed to proceed with his healing ministry while at Zagarollo where he was assigned three nuns from the Daughters of the Redeemer to look after him.

Vatican officials, according to the Italian media, have also expressed ignorance on his whereabouts.

Watch him end up at Econe or something.