Saturday, June 24, 2006

Todavía Está....

Plans are in their final stages for the Pope's trip to the World Meeting of Families in Valencia on 7-8 July. A bunch of American hierarchs are going over, and one I spoke with the other night was particularly excited about the journey, which'll culminate at a Mass where somewhere around 1 million are expected.

Well, the altar has already gone up:
A giant crane yesterday manoeuvered into place the huge 38 ton central cross that will form the main part of the altar from which Pope Benedict XVI will preside the main meetings of the World Family Forum that will take place on the 8th and 9th July.

The final piece has a cross on all its sides that will be easily visible by day and back-lit by night, according to architect Juan Pablo Mas. The cross has three fluorescent tubes inside it, whilst at the base of the tower there will be eight projectors throwing up lights that will harmonise with the red of the cross.

The monument will be visible to the east and west by a distance of one kilometre, and the metallic structure of the cross as well as its installation was a donation from the Ros Casares Group.

And a certain someone is, well, still there....
[A]rriving in Valencia yesterday was [Archbishop] Piero Marini, the Vatican Master of Ceremonies for Papal Activities. He is expected to fine-tune the arrangements for the formal religious ceremonies during the visit of Benedict XVI.
Mhmm. Don't shoot the messenger....