Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Pray As You Go"

So, in a stroke of enterprise, the British Jesuits took a trial run for a daily podcast through Lent and Easter this year. And it seems to have been a success -- over a quarter-million programmes have been downloaded to date, and it's just been announced that "Pray As You Go" will continue on an open-ended basis.

Much as the US Assistancy would be marvelous at doing such a thing, and as much as many people would get a load of benefit from a similar initiative on this side of the Pond, such is the climate -- i.e. US Jesuits can't even take a drink of water these days without arousing the ire of the local Sanhedrin -- that, no matter what was 'casted, there'd be furious letters to Rome and senior prelates screaming for Apostolic Visitations like two year olds wanting ice cream.

The score: Brits 1, Yanks 0. And the US Society can't be blamed for that, either.