Monday, June 26, 2006

Meet the Interim Boss....

Earlier today, the college of consultors of the diocese of Pittsburgh elected Auxiliary Bishop Paul Bradley as its administrator until the appointment of the Steel City's 12th bishop.

Bishop Bradley, 60, has served as auxiliary bishop of Pittsburgh since February 2005 and was named the diocese's general secretary and vicar-general in November 2003.

As Donald Wuerl's native city awaits his successor, its local church will be watched over by a cleric who's seen as one of their own and enjoys the respect of the clergy for his deep pastoral experience as a parish priest -- the one quality then-Bishop Wuerl lacked. When Bradley's appointment as auxiliary was announced, one priest was overheard rejoicing, noting as he did that the pastoral cred of the diocesan episcopate "just went up 60%." The report from KDKA (with video) trafficked heavily in speculation that Bradley could well find himself named to the cathedra.

Whoever the 12th bishop will be, given Pittsburgh's size, the new archbishop's standing with the Holy See and the reality that the DC appointment was known for months, don't be surprised if the succession came sooner rather than later.