Monday, June 26, 2006

Heavenly Billboards

Hopefully it won't startle anyone driving down Chicago's Kennedy Expressway into an accident, but none less than St Jude begins his run today as the Windy City's newest traffic service.

A billboard blaring the message "St Jude Knows an Alternate Route" has been posted on the wall of St Stanislaus' church along the Kennedy to further plug Jim Martin SJ's My Life With the Saints (Loyola), which is about to go into its fourth printing after only three months of release.

Over the course of summer, other messages -- including "St. Joseph Says Construction Takes Patience" and "St. Joan of Arc Says 'Keep Cool'" -- will appear to ease drivers' traffic frustrations and, if their curiosity is piqued, point them to the Loyola Press website, which will contain excerpts from the book on the life of the highlighted saint. Motorists are being encouraged to "use their common saints," not to mention the light counsel to be somewhat serene in the considerable gridlock of the US' third largest city.

Drive safe, Chicago. The saints are watching....