Friday, June 16, 2006

From the Development Office

(Seems this is gonna have to stay up top for a bit....)

We interrupt our coverage of the USCCB meeting for the following bulletin.

First off, please forgive the lack of replies to e.mails. Especially since last week's Busted Halo series, I've been absolutely buried and am doing my best to gradually chip away at the stone. Grace only builds on nature, and as the days go by I realize more and more how much my nature can be built on. However, know that I read everything and it helps keep me plugged-in as to what you're all thinking, and that means the world, so please, please, keep 'em comin'.

While we're at it, though, the profiles raised the question of fund-raising. Contrary to popular belief, I haven't made hundreds of thousands of dollars off all this -- not even anywhere near hundreds of thousands of cents. Reminding everyone of this is something I have a real distaste for doing, being the great idealist and all, but as I've said before and need to say again, Whispers survives only on the generosity of its readership.

Gratefully, the BH articles provided a bit of an influx, so I've been able to begin making inroads on my Tupperware containers full of past-due bills. (And can't thank everyone enough who's lent a hand toward that end.) But as the blog-related bills keep piling up, some business travel looms, etc., I've gotta repeat the message.

Some have asked -- and, again, being buried in liturgical texts, messages, etc., all apologies for the lack of replies -- about a way to send support by means other than PayPal. That'll be set up soon; as soon as I figure it out you'll know. So, in the meantime, please don't forget the "guitar case," which you'll find along the right sidebar of the page. Especially in these days -- with coming appointments, The Vote later today, etc. -- any and all help to keep these pages going is much-appreciated and means the world. Plus it keeps my many bill collectors off my back, which does wonders for my sanity.

A couple weeks back, some of you might remember that I was undergoing a conversion experience. The Dell laptop which came my way in January has already started to have fits and crashes; not that I'm terribly hard on it or anything, but what I thought was a Rock has turned out to be a Lemon, and it seems that an Apple is the cure.

So if anyone knows how to land an iBook on a shoestring so I can handle the volume of all this without having to fear what Fulton Sheen would refer to as the "not-so-lovely screen dressed in blue," teach me how to think.

As always, many thanks..... and now, on with the show.