Saturday, June 10, 2006

Breaking the Ice

So, as you can see, it was not the ginormous gelled monument the Detroit Free Press made it out to be. It's medium-sized at best, but the simple fact of its existence still provided enough ammo to occasion a PR brouhaha.

Bishops elsewhere, let this be a sign unto you.

I've received a note from a supporter of Cardinal Maida's which, in many ways, helps set the record straight on the man in full, out of camera range. In that spirit, it is only right and just to share some of its words with all of you:
Please take a couple things into consideration. First, Cardinal Maida is treated like a step-child by the Detroit press (Freep and News). He's never caught the benefit of the doubt, especially during the Together in Faith process. Those parish closings were essential. Most of them were hundreds of thousands in debt to the archdiocese. Not to mention most had about 20 people, at most, attending Mass, with the parishes having not baptised a child, married a couple, etc... in years. Unfortunately, sometimes these decisions have to be made. Keep in mind the City of Detroit Catholic population is about 3 percent, and falling, as everyone continues to head north. So when the Cardinal talks about how hurt he was after the News published a quote from someone calling His Eminence a "racist," you can understand his pain.

Yes, I sound like I just left my apologetics class, but Cardinal Maida at heart is a very pastoral, holy man. Many, many things he does are kept quiet. He does not seek recognition and likes to keep alot of things to himself. His work for the poor and unborn in the last 16 years has gone way beyond what anyone expected.

I ask for you to at least mention something positive for a priest who's been beaten over and again, often times unfairly.
As good news is always welcome here, feel free to keep the testimonies comin'.