Tuesday, June 13, 2006

All ICEL, All The Time... For This Week, At Least

The Tablet reports that the episcopal conference in Scotland has also approved the new translation of the Order of Mass.

The news, reported in the paper's current edition, puts added pressure on the US bishops to not buck the trend of "yes" votes already registered by the bishops of Australia and England and Wales when the American conference votes on the text on Thursday in Los Angeles. A mail ballot of the Canadian bishops on the translation is expected shortly.

For those in need of an in-depth briefing on the decades of sparring and the issues at stake, your best bet would be the December megapiece from the pages of Commonweal, written by John Wilkins, the former editor of The Tablet. The same issue featured a piece on the US angle by Kevin Eckstrom, now top editor at Religion News Service.