Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When In Rome....

Just so you know, this shot was taken before Cardinal Dias' appointment as the new Red Pope.

On a weightier note, if you believe what you hear, we're in the home stretch to the appointment of a new Secretary of State, which could come as early as Friday.

It'll be a busy weekend -- the appointment of the new Lord of San Damaso could touch off several other shifts in the upper ranks of the Curia, from the Governatorato to the Congregations and down into the Councils. Or those will all be coming soon thereafter....

These days, anything is possible.

And, of course, the meeting of the "New Movements" began this morning with a Mass celebrated at Rocca di Papa by Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko, president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity. The encounter runs through the weekend.

Now, as the three main speakers will be Cardinals Christoph Schonborn, Angelo Scola and Marc Ouellet -- all adherents of the Comunione school -- and we have a cieline Pope, don't be surprised to hear the Don Gius playbook emphasized above the others. Again. Again. And again.

And that ain't no accident, either.