Monday, May 29, 2006

Stasiu... Stasiu....

So the last word of this Polish sojourn belongs to the cardinal-archbishop of Krakow.

The man Benedict XVI referred to on Saturday as "dear Cardinal Stanislaw" made what seemed like a bit of a faux pas at Sunday's liturgy in Blonia Park when he wore his pallium in the presence of the Pope.

The conventional read is that said practice is a no-no. For some reason, however, former Roman officials have a peculiar habit of doing it....

Showy, you say?

I recall vividly hearing Stanislaw Dziwisz's voice for the first time. It was completely as I hadn't expected -- a baritone even more resonant than that of his boss of 40 years. "Stentorian" would be a good word for it.

What really would've been impressive was if he conceded the rationale, the ancient vestment proper to the archbishop of Krakow, for the Pope to wear. However, given the cut of the Petrine pallium, it would've been a bit cluttered.

And if there's one thing the House of Marini line isn't, it's cluttered.

Having lobbied for the papal trip, overtaken Warsaw in its scheduling, and having presided over a very successful memorial pilgrimage where the "hope" of canonization was assured, Dziwisz is the winner of the week.

AP/Czarek Sokolowski