Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Prefect's Letter, Chairman's Response

In light of the recent leaking of Cardinal Francis Arinze's 2 May letter to USCCB president Bishop William Skylstad on the issue of liturgical translations, the chair of the US Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy, Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie, has issued a response.

Trautman's complete statement reads as follows:
Bishop Skylstad has forwarded to all Latin Rite Bishops a copy of Cardinal Arinze's letter concerning translation of the Order of Mass, which is presently under consideration by the members of the USCCB and scheduled for vote by the U.S. Bishops at their June meeting. I see this letter as a clarification and further restatement of criteria for translation previously authored by the Congregation in its document Liturgiam authenticam. This recent correspondence offers additional input for the deliberation of the Bishops.
That's all, folks.