Thursday, May 18, 2006

Passing the Magic Hat

So I was supposed to spend Tuesday cleaning up the office, which has yet again descended into a mess. For obvious reasons, that didn't happen.

At one point, around 11 in the morning -- in the midst of wrapping up three pieces for this week's edition of my paper -- the cellphone rang. As it was a strange number on the caller ID, I had a bit of trepidation that some kind of bill collector was trying yet again to track me down, and I almost didn't pick up.

Throwing caution to the wind, I answered with a wavering, "Hello?"

Hearing a female voice I had never heard, I asked who was calling, expecting to hear a demand for some eye-popping past due amount on my student loans.

"It's Laurie Goodstein," the voice replied. As in the national religion writer for The New York Times.

You could imagine my relief. However, the moment is a good summation of the state I'm in.

Along the right sidebar -- below the archives -- you'll find the button for the "guitar case," which, thanks to your support, keeps Whispers running, keeps my bills paid and keeps me fiscally sane (that is, relatively...).

I haven't made a funding pitch in a good while, but such are the exigencies that I need to.

Know that I hate doing so, as so many of you have families, bills and commitments of your own (i.e. those truly important things in life). However, word 'round the campfire is that so many of you enjoy these pages so much, and the Wuerl appointment seems to prove yet again that what's reported here turns out to be the case, more often than not.

For an operation that sputters along on a less-than-shoestring budget, it's a very humbling feeling.

So whatever you guys (and gals) can come up with, please do. It's as appreciated as it is needed. All thanks in advance.