Friday, May 05, 2006

The Church of St Magnificenzo

In his Letter from Rome in today's edition of The Tablet, Robert Mickens tells of plans by a community of Italian Benedictines north of Rome to build an international center and church dedicated to "(Saint) John Paul II."

Um, isn't some patience in order?

Mickens reports that "A well-known Florentine architect has already drawn up the ambitious plans for the new buildings. They will feature a church in the form of an ark, made principally of glass.

"But unlike any church" the Tab's Rome correspondent says he's ever heard of, "a giant video screen will dominate the fa├žade."

What better way to memorialise the Media Pope?

The impatience of the Silvestrine Benedictines is not unique to them.... Wojtyla relics are being hawked on eBay -- where, some weeks ago, a zucchetto "worn" (probably for all of eight seconds) by Pius X went for somewhere in the area of $400,000. (It was actually $6K, but just goes to show that nothing says lovin' for Tridentines old and new like cultic excess.)

Get 'em while they're hot.