Thursday, April 06, 2006

Radio Maryja Rebuked Again

The ultra-conservative Polish broacaster, operated outside the bounds of ecclesiastical authority, gets another warning from the papal nuncio in Warsaw....
“The Holy See expresses its deep concern about Radio Maryja’s political commitments,” papal nuncio Monsignor Jozef Kowalczyk said in a letter sent to the provincial, or superior officer, of the Redemptorist religious order that runs Radio Maryja and other fundamentalist media outlets.

“The Holy See urges Poland’s bishops to gather together to try to overcome the current difficulties brought about by some of the broadcasts and positions taken by Radio Maryja,” Kowalczyk said in a separate letter sent to the Polish episcopate....

The Radio Maryja media empire has been built up on Catholic fundamentalist, nationalist, anti-liberal and too often anti-Semitic ideologies.

Rydzyk openly supports the ruling conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party and has just as openly decried parliament’s second biggest grouping, the liberal Civic Platform, who he said “must be drowned” during legislative elections last year.

Leading lights of PiS, including Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz, have made guest appearances on Radio Maryja and its sister cable television station, Trwam, since the conservatives came to power last year.

Late last month, Radio Maryja commentator Stanislaw Michalkiewicz said that “Jews have humiliated Poland internationally by demanding money” for goods and property expropriated during World War II.

“We look after democratic issues in Ukraine and Belarus, while in our own backyard, “kikes’ sneak up behind us to try to oblige our government to pay them money on the pretext of these demands,” he said.
Looks like this one's going straight to Rome....