Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Oldus Ordo Watch

So Commonweal's Grant Gallicho was out at "Catholic Disneyland" -- the LA Religious Education Conference -- a few weeks back with about about 37,000 other Catholics who had three days of conferences, liturgies and spiritual uplift.

Well, Gallicho caught a bit of the fireworks outside as Tridentine protestants leafleted, and he's chronicled it at dotCommonweal.

Here's a snip:
As my gaze returned to ground-level, it landed on a tall man with wild white hair, towing a hand truck and handing out flyers to people as they exited the side door of the Convention Center. Naturally, I approached him.

"What do you have there?" I asked. The man explained that he was distributing a "thoroughly researched and well-documented" dossier on the Congress speakers.

"Ah, and--"

"It's all fully documented," he reiterated rapidly. "Otherwise, the archdiocese would sue us in a heartbeat." He smiled pleasantly.

I nodded: "Okay. Thanks."

He went on his way, and I continued toward the parking garage, reading as I walked.

"Stop Cardinal Mahony's subversion of Catholic doctrine at the world's largest dissent-fest!" The subheadline was even more excited: "Pro-'gays,' priestess advocates, occultists, and anti-Pope rebels to 'educate' tens of thousands of Catholic religion teachers." As if the reader's attention wasn't already grabbed, the subheadline continued, "Millions of Catholic children's souls in grave danger worldwide."

Pagan babies! Pagan babies!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Go check it out.