Saturday, April 01, 2006

From the Field

One thing I love about blogging is how, whenever I post something, if someone has a relevant take-off from it, they'll send it my way.

You have no idea how good this feels, as it seems to imply that the readership enjoys what they're seeing enough to lend a hand so we can all get the scoop.

Well, we've got two more leads from that department.

First off, I'm told that one senior cleric seemed to fly off the handle a bit during his workshop at the LA Religious Education Conference. I'll need more sourcing on this before running anything because, if the report I've gotten holds water, some of the statements said to have been made were downright incendiary -- and the speaker is someone who I rather respect.... More as that comes in; calling all Anaheim sources....

Second, regarding the assertion by Bishop Braxton's vicar-general that the Belleville bishop "doesn't feel comfortable just posing for pictures" on confirmations, one e.mailer checked in with memories of a visit to Calvert House at the University of Chicago, where then-Fr Braxton served as director from 1983-86.

"When you would walk into the lobby," I'm told, "it was filled with photos of Braxton with famous people" -- so much so, apparently, that "it looked like Ted Baxter's dressing room."

Mary Tyler Moore-philes, please explain -- the show ran way before my time.... But the bottom line seems to say that what's good for the famous ain't so for the faithful.

They're gonna have to make it on their own after all, eh?