Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"Communion in Time: Tradition"

God only knows if it was meant to get tongues wagging -- for reasons which need not be explained in this space -- but the topic of Benedict XVI's catechesis at this morning's general audience was *DRUMROLL* Tradition.

This better not be some kind of vicious tease.

Looks like I'll have to translate the fulltext, but in the English summary of the talk, the Pope said that "This ongoing actualization of the presence of Jesus - through the work of the Spirit and through the Church’s apostolic ministry and fraternal communion - is what we mean by the term Tradition," noting that "it is not just a transmission of ‘things’ but the efficacious presence of the Lord who accompanies and guides the gathered community.

"The Holy Spirit nurtures this communion, assuring the connection between the apostolic faith experienced by the first communities of disciples, and our experience today of Christ in his Church," Benedict told the crowd gathered in St Peter's Square. "Let us rejoice in the presence of the Saviour who comes to meet us, to redeem us, and to sanctify us through the ministry of his Church!"

Very interesting, indeed.

And yes, for those who were curious, I'm fine. Will report on what's been doing in a bit.