Monday, March 20, 2006

Morrissey the... Catholic?

So I was driving around yesterday, with the SatRad (that's satellite radio for the uninitiated) plugged in as it usually is, and a block of Morrissey came on. Suedehead, Hairdresser, all the keepers....

Just so you all know, I can't help laughing everytime I hear his voice. It's just very, you know, boppy -- almost insanely so.

Anyways, Don Jim -- who's adverting that Whispers is "the place" for consistory coverage (and who am I to protest?) -- has an article up in which the Mor, who moved to Rome a year back, says he's rediscovering his Catholic side....

The writer, however, also notes that
His head (this is really weird, and I hope it doesn't go outside the boundaries of taste) is enormous. It's like a huge Charlie Brown parade float head. I walked into the bar to meet him and I saw this guy across the room with this massive head and I thought to myself, 'Man, that's one massive head', and it was Morrissey.
As many of you know, I have a massive head, too. But in the metaphorical, Bonoist sense.

Anyways, it's written of the voice of oh so many illustrations that
He's becoming increasingly more Catholic these days. 'Those Catholics, they really nab you when you're young.' [Makes gesture of cowpoke searing calf with branding iron.] 'They sear you. They sear you, they do.'
Yup yup. We call that "the Catholic Imagination." It's made battered wives out of countless souls.

Tip also to the venerable Dreadnought, who originally found this.