Sunday, March 26, 2006

More Photos!

Grazie tante to all the natives who've been sending back photos from the consistory events. Believe me, I'd post 'em all if I could.

I got a note from a friend yesterday who said he was jealous that I was there.... Well, I wasn't -- I'm in Philly, where I always am. But it's good to know that it didn't seem like it. As always, you can thank the ops on the ground for conveying the feel and background of everything which has crossed these pages in the last few days.

As you see here, Cardinal O'Malley celebrated a Mass for the Boston pilgrims this morning at the North American College.

And, by the way, a friend keeping an eye on the Pope at this morning's Mass at Dio Padre Misericordioso said that the music, provided by the parish children's choir, sounded like the "The Italian Haugen and Haas," noting that "the hymnal must've been called 'Insieme'" -- that's Italian for "Together" for our American readers.

The Pope, however, seemed altogether quite pleased.

Enough, however, of the blather....

We don't need to play "Where's Marini?" for this one. And thank God it was sunny.

There goes that rainbow flag again -- and Cardinal Dery, all chilled out....

I told you it was empty.... This vantage is only about 1/3 of the way from the Sagrato to the end of the Piazza... Why'd they have it outside, again?

More as I rifle through 'em.