Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Indult Update: Omaha Reverses

In a previous iteration of our now-famous Indult Scorecard, I reported that the archdiocese of Omaha was being stubborn and not granting a Corned Beef Indult to the world capital of beef's Hibernian contingent.

Well, after a massive outcry, Curtiss & Co. have made a U-turn.

One official still doesn't get it:
"In this day and age, there's precious little the church asks of us," said the Rev. Ryan Lewis, of the Omaha Archdiocese.
By the same coin, there's precious little our people -- well, the mainstream of 'em -- are asking of the church.... And are they getting that? And what happens if they don't? They leave. And we all know that's wonderful churchkeeping.

I've been asked why I've been keeping track of all this. Well, in a nutshell, it's a fun story, but more importantly it's one with bigger dimensions. This is something which hits Catholics where they live. It's not academic in any sense, but part of the warp and woof of Catholic life for those good people who only seek to be nourished and affirmed in their faith and in their lives. And guess what, cari fratelli e sorelle: that's where the church is, as opposed to forums which scream all day about everything that's "wrong" with the operation.

If these indults aren't granted -- and we should be grateful that there are people willing to abide by the rules and keep an eye for them before they indulge -- it can often serve as the final straw, getting people so upset that they just walk away altogether. After the sorrows of the last four years, the Catholic people here in the States deserve battle ribbons for having to put up with the revelations, the closings, the shame and the ceaseless fury of what they've seen, heard and learned.

This is not the battle any chancery needs to be fighting right now.

From other parts of the country, indults have been granted in San Francisco, Savannah (home to a particularly boisterous celebration), Peoria and Rochester.

In Los Angeles, inquirers have been told that Cardinal Roger M. Mahony "does not need to give a dispensation. If they choose to eat meat on that day the Cardinal would encourage them to observe a meatless day on another day of the week."

Up north in Santa Rosa, however, no dispensation seems to be coming. And the bishop's surname is WALSH! I'm told, there are scads and scads of Irish clergy and religious as the diocese used to be Irish mission turf.

Keep 'em comin and all thanks again to everyone for their help....