Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Freedom of the Browser

You know, the SSPX needs to be a bit more lenient when it comes to granting indults....

So the full audio of the conferences offered by Bishop Bernard Fellay in Denver a few weeks back are available.

However, I was not aware of this as I browse in the Firefox Rite, the New Browser -- "God's Browser," if you will.

If you browse in the Internet Explorer Rite -- the Gatesian Rite, also known as the Old Browser -- you have the freedom of the conferences and may listen. But those who surf according to the New Browser are excommunicated... from downloading. This discrepancy makes those of us who reject the Gatesian Rite feel as if we are not wanted, not trusted, that we act in an irregular way, almost as if the New Browser has been abrogated, abolished -- but it has not. This is a counter-action against those of us who find enrichment and fulfillment in our beloved Firefox Rite, which will become the Browser of the Ages.

We must hope that this changes soon, and that the Society will grant those of us who surf in the New Browser to maintain this cherished form of interaction. We need this freedom to browse in the way which is in accordance with our Tradition, as opposed to being made to accept something which is faulty. Because where Tradition is not accepted, it is suicide.

End of sermon.