Wednesday, March 22, 2006

THE CONSISTORY: Se Francesco Vedesse....

...a Capuchin wired for sound.

Grazie tante to the Boston Globe's Michael Paulson -- who's liveblogging consistory week -- for putting in some nice words about this place, and welcome to everyone dropping in from as the Vatican prepares a new iteration of its finest ceremonial moment with Friday's creation of 15 new cardinals.

Well, it's the finest happy ceremonial moment -- the most beautiful Vatican ritual cycle of all involves the death of a Pope.... But, as you know, we don't like having those too often.

The Globe's Rome Blog (which we really need to find a name for between now and Friday morning) has started to rock n' roll with photos -- like the one above -- and some really great Seanstories, so go check it out.

Remember, though, that the best photos -- and stories -- of this Consistory Week are still yet to come.

David Ryan/Boston Globe