Wednesday, March 22, 2006

THE CONSISTORY: Rain On the Parade?

So a friend tells me that Rome's lately been having a bout with what he calls "Belgian weather" -- rainy, dreary, overcast. While we were on the phone, another downpour began.

The Italians aren't used to this. Nor do they appreciate it one bit.

The weather pattern might present some problems for Friday's Consistory and Saturday's Mass of the Rings, both of which were moved outside to the Square earlier this week after initially being planned for indoor settings.

I don't think Gammarelli has a "soaked vestments" return policy. O'Malley won't care a fig, of course, but some the others might just get a little touchy about Roman rain meeting cardinal red.

Think of it this way: at least nothing rose'll get damaged for Laetare Sunday.

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