Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Change Gonna Come....

Michael Paulson confirms -- from the horse's mouth -- a long-buzzed about bit of info: Uncle Ted is "expecting to retire" this summer as archbishop of Washington....

However, like St. Therese, who promised to spend her heaven doing good on earth, McCarrick -- a Stakanovista if ever there were one -- will likely spend his retirement doing good for anyone who needs some good-doing, and using his considerable gifts for the benefit of the wider church.

Paulson gets in an interview with the dear Porporato:

Q. How does being a cardinal change one's life?
A. All of it becomes more intense. You have to participate in some of the Roman entities. And you do play a stronger role at times. The cardinal's voice in the media is heard, usually, more readily, and I think that that's going to happen to Cardinal O'Malley in a very special way. He's a very wise and articulate man, a very eloquent spokesman.

Q. Do you have any advice for him?
A. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep healthy. And take a day off.

David Ryan/
Boston Globe