Monday, March 06, 2006

The Capped Cardinal Speaks

Cardinal Julius Riyadi Darmaatmadja, the Jesuit archbishop of Jakarta, has issued a strong message against political corruption at the outset of Lent.
Darmaatmadja said corruption is a symptom of dishonesty. He who steals without qualms what is not his is dishonest, and saying falsehoods is corrupt. He said in his pastoral letter: “Dishonesty takes place in almost every aspect of our daily lives.”

Greater awareness among Catholics is needed. In parishes, stickers which draw attention to the problem will be distributed, to be pasted on cars or doors in people’s homes. Some parishes plan to hold social activities, like free health care and collection of supplies for those in need....

Fr Aloys Budi Purnomo Pr, a diocesan priest of Semarang Archdiocese in Central Java, said the problem must be seen in the current scenario, where corruption, nepotism and collusion are rife in social life. Even the Supreme Court has not been spared, “with Probosutedjo, an important businessman and cousin of the former president, Suharto, having to fork out at least 16 billion rupees (16 million US dollars) to persuade some judges to ‘forget’ his corruption charges.”
Strong sentiments, sound sentiments.... But Darmaatmadja's chief claim to fame remains his notable choice of headgear worn whilst coming to and going from the General Congregations which preceded the conclave.

God love 'im.... It was the hat that drove the Romans batty.

Catholic Press Photo