Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Trouble in Paradise?

Two years ago, when Bishop Francis DiLorenzo was named to head the diocese of Richmond, some shed tears of joy that Walter Sullivan's 30-year reign of Pax et Ius had finally seen its end....

Well, they're still cryin' down in the Old Dominion -- but it sure ain't happy.

A well-placed source there sends along this suggestion:
I still think you should do a piece on the Virginia Beach rectory with three suspended priests in it – Ascension – the pastor (Fr. Parke) suspended from doing weddings, a retired priest with total suspension from all sacramental duties plus teaching β€œin nomine ecclesiae” ([progressive legend] Tom Quinlan or TQ) and Father Joe, removed as pastor yet canonically still pastor who is suspended for what the Bishop determines as psychological causes. What a hoot of a diocese Richmond is becoming. Plus DiLorenzo at the Priest Council mtg called the diocese some pretty name and enraged the priests.
Lovely. File it with the "profiles of episcopal courage."