Thursday, February 16, 2006

Springtime For Ruini

First reported here the other morning, the extension of Cardinal Camillo Ruini's mandate as head of the Italian Episcopal Conference is more than duly noted in the latest edition of Panorama.

Yet again, the usual names are mentioned for his succession (Cardinals Poletto, Antonelli, Tettamanzi, Scola and Bertone), however the magazine goes the extra step of throwing the name of Carlo Caffara, the archbishop of Bologna (e cardinale subito) into the mix.

Bruno Forte, next time. Well, unless he's Pope by then.

However, the best part is a repeated term that's been coming up in the Italian press. So dominant has Ruini been over the CEI, and such a force in national life, that his succession is being called the "Dopo-Ruini" -- the "After-Ruini." Panorama notes that a "real chorus" of the Italian political elite combined to praise his remaining, even if it's only for another nine months or so.

You've gotta love it.