Thursday, February 02, 2006

Simeon Waited....

Of course, today is the feast of the Presentation and with it, the church's celebration of the World Day for Consecrated Life. So we must -- we MUST -- send a big congrats and thank you to all the professed among this readership and beyond.

Our professed -- Jesuits included, of course -- have worked double and triple time, especially these last four years in this country, to push harder, love more and give ever more of themselves in the ministry of loving service in every aspect of the life of the church, a ministry of supernatural love. May they always have the support, encouragement and affirmation they need to keep faith, hope, love, and all their good work, alive.

As I write this, I'm watching B16 celebrate the liturgy for the Feast, to which are specially invitated all the male and female religious of Rome. They have it at 5.30 in the evening, so that they can come after the workday is concluded. Full Basilica, as usual.

But what's notable is that the Pope has not been using Latin for the Mass, it's all in Italian. I'm guessing it was deemed more comfortable for everyone.

Oh, wait, it looks like women religious are receiving communion from the Pope... Sans veils... Sans habits.....

I can hear heads exploding in St. Blog's. But, being a man of God, Benedict's just tending to the gems of his flock -- no condemnations necessary.