Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Schism On Tape

So Bernard Fellay, the (still excommunicated) head of the Society of St. Pius X, has been doing the American tour thing these last few weeks, showing up in Denver last weekend to do the Old Mass at the Society's local outpost:
Because of its dramatic location and cathedral-like bearing, St. Isidore's has become a well-known mission-church in the society, which is based in Switzerland. The movement now has 59 priests in the U.S.
Lovely, sure. If only it were Catholic. Oremus. But I digress.

As he has shown himself wont to do, the Head Schismatic yet again called the Pope of Rome on the carpet:
[According to a spokesman] Fellay told the audience Sunday that Pope Benedict is at heart a conservative, "but his mind is modernist and liberal, and this is a big problem toward reconciliation."
Yes, Virginia, the Pope's "modernist and liberal" mind is the "big problem".... Please tell me what parallel universe you live in; the weather must always be nice.

The conference given by Fellay in Denver 11 days ago is supposed to be available here, as audio and as text. However, as it's being "reviewed for accuracy" -- i.e. excising every comment which could kibosh the Society's return to Catholicism -- it's still not up.

Given the Superior-General's penchant for making bizarro statements, we might well be waiting awhile.