Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Great Tridentine Powwow

Well, they're sitting at Flavigny, but I haven't of yet heard anything....

I did get an e.mail, however, in which an SSPX priest writing on condition of anonymity tells Angelqueen that:
"The 'summit' meeting of the religious orders associated with the Society has nothing to do with a definitive 'deal' which is 'in the works.' The meeting of the General Council is nothing out of the ordinary: they meet regularly to advise the Superior General, as is their duty and right according to the Statutes. If anyone wonders why there are so many meetings coming up, let them remember that we have a General Chapter coming up in July. This is a significant event in the life of the Society, happening only once every 12 years, and it requires a great deal of consultation and preparation.

"As a final note, let all the people who are so concerned about the Society's imminent 'betrayal' spend their time praying for its Superiors rather than in forming judgments which they have no basis to form and posting equally baseless messages to internet fora."
As Alejandro Bermudez said in yesterday's Quote of the Day: "And sure, I do pray for Bishop Fellay… I always pray for the conversion of people."