Tuesday, February 28, 2006

From the Holy Land

A friend in Rome says "Call Lopez Trujillo, quickly!" -- the giraffes at Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo are being put on contraceptives....

That sound you hear? Just the sky, falling.

The 5-year-old Shavit has been injected with birth control hormones, delivered by dart, after giving birth twice in four years. The hormones will prevent her from getting pregnant for at least one year.

Zoo spokeswoman Sigalit Dzir says that while the babies are cute and female giraffes make good mothers, there isn't enough room for more. Zoo keepers are also worried about inbreeding.

Shavit will be monitored while on the hormones, and the Biblical Zoo will share information learned with other zoos around the world. Dr. Nili Avnimagen, the zoo's head vet says, other zoos administer birth control, but dart delivery is unique.