Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fellay: "Arinze Attacked the Mass"

I've been given the audio from the Conference given by Bishop Bernard Fellay, excommunicated head of the Society of St. Pius X, in Denver eleven days ago.

As the complete feed runs quite long, I'm going through the entirety and will release a summary in due course..... Fellay does confirm much of what was reported here in the immediate aftermath of the 13 February interdicasterial meeting.

In the meantime, a notable snip on reconciliation:
So long as [Rome] continues this way, the church will be in a bad state. That's what we say. Stop it! Stop this! Go back to the normal state of the church! And don't let this spirit of the world go around....

And now, you've probably heard that last Monday [13 February] there was a meeting in Rome -- the Pope, with the cardinals, speaking about us. I dont know more about it than you, the only thing I know is that in the morning -- that very morning -- that Cardinal Castrillion phoned [the SSPX General House in] Menzingen to ask for prayers for this meeting. So that's as much as I know. I know also that Arinze, Cardinal Arinze did attack us -- attacked the [Old] Mass. That's all; I don't know more than you and I have nothing to do with it. I am not involved; it's pure reflection from the Vatican.

And, as things are, we have to count on, probably, one day Rome will come to us with a proposal. And in the package, we will have to accept the Council. And we will say "No." And we will be, should we say, back to the present state. That's the situation.

Probably, they will try to make us, again, the "bad guys," those who don't want to agree and so on, but OK -- we will make our point and our stand. Everyday, we take it as it comes.....
More as I find interesting things....