Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Desire," Unfulfilled

Some of you may remember way back in August, when even the sane people in the archdiocese of Boston -- a place not known for its sanity in these troubled times -- blew gaskets over the news that the (disgraced) archbishop-emeritus, Cardinal Bernard Law, had deigned to take unto Himself the accoutrement of a secretary in the person of His faithful minder of many years, Msgr. Paul B. McInerny.

Reason given by Boston church spokespeople? "I would only deduce nothing more than monsignor's desire to resume his studies in Rome," Terry Donilon said.

Well, seems that was quite the deduction -- I've got sources on two continents telling me that Macca "isn't in school." (Unless, of course, you count trips to Gammarelli as Home Ec or something.)

Hmmmm.... Make what you will of that. The Beantown people were told the bit about the schooling so he could remain on the payroll without more ecclesiastical bloodshed.

Speaking of Brighton, I'm also hearing that the Chancery might be "looking quite different" in short order. Doesn't seem like it's a reference to new carpets and painting.